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Shop my collections of all-natural fabrics and classic staples that will last you a lifetime. These modern vintage items were hand-picked to last and thoughtfully curated
just for you.

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It's a collection of high-end items that you'll love until the end of time.
Curating a sustainable wardrobe can be intimidating. Westward Collection Co. was created to make it a little easier for you.

What is Westward Collection Co?

Each season, Kali curates a collection of wearable, modern vintage pieces for you to love. Shop a collection of all-natural, high-end vintage staple pieces that can hang in your closet year-round. All pieces can be styled together, so you can stock up an entire seasonal collection of favorites or slowly add sustainable items one-by-one. There's no right or wrong way to shop Westward. 

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Shop all-natural, modern vintage staples for each season

Westward Collections

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Check out my free tips and tricks to building your own sustainable wardrobe on the blog. While curating your own sustainable clothing collection takes a lot of time and patience, there's no better feeling than stepping back and looking at a closet you love. You can find sourcing tips, read up on the benefits of all-natural fabrics, and more.

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