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No matter where you're at on your poshmark journey, I've got something for you. From free guides to get you started to a full course to build your posh business,
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the KB Blog

This course will give you all the guidance you need to go from hobby seller to small business owner. You'll become a part-time Poshmark seller in just 10 hours per week — no fancy gear required.

Part-Time Posher

Anyone can sell on Poshmark, but not everyone has the tips, tricks, and tools to turn it into a business. This course is the guidance you need to go from hobby seller to part-time seller. You've got the page and have started listing, but need a little extra help with strategy to amp up sales and get you where you want to be. All it takes is 10 hours a week and some dedication. You in? 

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Freebies & guides

One of the best parts of Poshmark is that it's FREE to start out. I'm a firm believer that tips to starting out should be the exact same. That's why I've put together an entire blog devoted to everything from listing to sourcing to selling. No matter where you're at in your Poshmark journey, you'll find something here to help you out. I'm talking free guides, community support, and tips to beat the algorithm. Yes, really!

The KB Blog

Not ready to invest in the course yet? That's fine! Whether you're just starting out or just not quite ready to commit to part-time yet, I've got free tips and tricks on the blog to get you there.

my free guide will give you instant, implementable tips to taking better poshmark photos today — no fancy gear required.

Here's 3 Tips To Taking Better Poshmark Photos

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