My journey with fashion started as a writer for Bustle. I wrote about new makeup and celebrity outfits all day long, until I decided it wasn't for me. I dove into the world of sustainable fashion and haven't turned back since. My job allowed me to share my love for thrifting and eventually led me to discover Poshmark. Since then, my life hasn't been the same. I now get to thrift online, save clothing from the landfill and make hundreds of dollars per week on the side. I've found a way to balance my selling part-time, while also having a full time job. I want to share how I do it with the world, because you can have it all.

Hi, I'm kali.
I love poshmark, coffee, and long walks through the thrift shop. Some call me a sustainable fashion freak. Others call me for poshmark tips. Both are cool with me.

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my thrifted pink denim jacket

favorite item hanging in my closet

thrifting! Goodwill, salvation army, vintage shops, I'm there.

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start before you're ready

best advice I've ever received

hot with a dash of almond milk

how I drink my coffee

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my free guide will give you instant, implementable tips to taking better poshmark photos today — no fancy gear required.

Here's 3 Tips To Taking Better Poshmark Photos

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My course, Part-Time Posher, teaches you how to successfully run a part-time Poshmark business. From getting in the right mindset and taking great photos to understanding the algorithm, I'll help you build the Poshmark business that you've always wanted. Over the past three years, I've figured out how to run Poshmark like a business in less than 10 hours per week. I make hundreds of dollars a week using the free app, my iPhone and a few tips and tricks. I want to help you do the exact same thing. You ready? Find out more below.

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Poshmark can be frustrating.
It can seem like There's not enough time and too many other listings out there. But it's possible to be a successful poshmark seller in as little as 7 hours a week. listen up, babe. I have all the secrets waiting for you.

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