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How I Use My Inventory and Sales Sheets To Keep My Business Organized

It’s time to get organized, my friends. Putting together this inventory and sales sheets is the best thing I did for my business. They allowed me to feel less overwhelmed in my reselling and to visually see where my items are and how much I’m really making. The inventory and sales sheets have completely transformed my business, and I hope that they’ll be just as helpful for you.

It all starts with my inventory sheet. That’s the document I use to store all of my items all in one place. No matter what platform I’m selling on, the item is housed in this document. It might be easiest to pull them up while you read this, so you can visually see the steps I talk about.

Here’s exactly how I use my inventory sheet..

After I take photos of all my items, I make a draft for them in Poshmark. That way, all the items are ready for me to post quickly throughout the week. As I make those drafts, I give each one a number. This is how I keep track of it in my inventory system. Then I add all the information into my inventory sheet. That includes the title, the brand, what the item costs me and the day that I made the draft.

The only two sections that stay empty initially are the “available” and “date sold” section. I fill in the “available” section to yellow when I list the item. That way, I know exactly what’s live on my feed and what’s not listed yet. When the item is sold, I change the color to red and fill in the “date sold” section.

If you’re a cross-lister, you’re going to love this next section — the tabs. The tabs at the bottom of the document are for the other places you list your items. I have a “Poshmark”, “Vinted” and “Mercari” tab. When I list my items, I make sure to copy and paste the listing into the tab that I also cross-listed to. That way, when an item sells, I can quickly see where else the item is listed and take down the post.

This document is a life-saver when it comes to keeping items organized. It’s also really great for making sure I don’t accidentally keep listings open when they’ve sold somewhere else. While this might seem like a lot of work to put together, I promise you that it will save you tons of time when it comes to listing, selling, and shipping.

Here’s exactly how I use my sales sheet..

The inventory and sales sheet go hand in hand, but they’re both great for different parts of your business. While the inventory sheet keeps everything organized, the sales sheet show you every single stat you need in your business.

I don’t use the sales sheet until, as you probably already guessed, an item is sold. When an item sells, I find it on the inventory sheet, mark it off, and copy the title, brand and cost price into the sheet. Then I mark the date sold and fill in the cost price and net earnings. Let me break that down. The “cost price” is how much the buyer purchased the item for. The “net earnings” are how much money I get, minus the percentage, if any, that the platform takes. You can find all of these prices on the email that comes in when you make a sale.

After that, the spreadsheet calculates the “net profit” for me. Net profit = net earnings – cost price. The “net profit” is how much I make on each item after factoring in how much I spent on it. I created the spreadsheet to do the math for me. Honestly, it’s just easier.

At the bottom of the sheet, you’ll see a calculate total of how much you’ve spent on the items, how much you’ve made and your net earnings. Seeing these stats will completely change how you see your business. Then after each month is over, I copy and paste the stats into the main tab, so I can see how much I make throughout the entire year as well.

I hope this breakdown of my inventory and sales sheets helps you with your own business. Of course, you can organize your business any way that you’d like. There is no one right way to do it. I just wanted to give you some guidance, in case you weren’t sure where to start. I would love to hear how you organize your Poshmark inventory and sales sheets if you do it differently!

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