2020 poshmark sales reflections tips for growing your poshmark sales

2020 Poshmark Sales Reflection

A brand new year, with brand new possibilites.

After the horrid year that was, it feels good to get a clean slate with new possibilities. But before I moved on to planning my strategies and sales goals for the new year, I made sure to take a look at last year. I want to learn from the strategies that worked and didn’t work last year so I can be mindful of my selling in 2021. Makes sense, right?

First of all, this is not going to be a big ‘ole gloating look-how-amazing-a-seller-I-am post. This Poshmark sales reflection will outline the good, the bad, and the real. There are a few reasons that I do this. 1) I want you to see exactly what goes through my mind at the end of a year and 2) selfishly, this will be great to look back at throughout the year.

It is SO important that you not only keep the stats of your business but recognize the strategies that went into them. I say that as advice for you and a reminder for myself. This year, I’ve decided I’m going to do an even better job of reflecting and strategizing. This Poshmark sales reflection post is the beginning of that.

But enough with all of that. Here’s what my sales looked like in 2020.

I made $2,253.45 on Poshmark in 2020.

That was one of my lowest sales years to date. Let’s start with the obvious — this year was challenging. I found myself juggling whether or not I should be selling during a global pandemic during the February, March and April months. That resulted in lower sales. Then things picked up in the summer when people started to feel comfortable shopping again. I dove into my strategy of sharing more frequently and sending personal messages.

July was my biggest sales month this year. It also happened to be the month that I put the most intention into selling. I started cross-listing to Vinted, Mercari and Depop. I also had my first-ever Poshmark sale and started sending more personal messages.

Towards the end of the year, my intention dwindled. I started working two full-time jobs and was emotionally and mentally drained. I made the decision to step back from Poshmark and focus on my mental health. While it might have made my sales lower, I do not regret it one bit. As cliche as it is, it’s true that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Taking a break and getting a handle on my mental health was more important to me than sales. It’s as simple as that.

That’s a quick little synopsis of my year, but here are some action steps that worked for me. While it not have been my greatest selling year ever, I did learn some great strategies that I will be implementing in 2021. Here’s are my best tactics that I added to my Poshmark business in 2020.

1. Cross-Listing

This was a game-changer for my reselling business. In 2020, I started selling on Vinted, Mercari and Depop. While it took a little bit more time throughout my week, it paid off — literally. Once I got organized in my selling and set up all the pages, this actually didn’t take much more effort. If you already have a Poshmark page, all youneed to do is copy and paste your listings onto other websites.

If you’re looking to make more money in 2021, start cross-listing.

2. Poshmark Sales

My first-ever Poshmark sale was a crazy success. It resulted in hundreds of dollars in sales and cleared out some space for new inventory. While I don’t suggest doing sales every week, I would highly recommend holding at least a few next year.

If you’re interested in holding your first sale or making your sale a little more successful, check out this post. It’s all about marketing your Poshmark sale. Because you can’t just expect people to magically know that you’re having a sale. While holding a successful sale does take some extra work, I promise it will pay off for you.

3. Sending Personal Messages

It’s no secret that communication is key when it comes to Poshmark. The more you interact, the more sales you will see. Sending personal messages to each and every person who liked something on my page was a game-changer. I’m not talking about offers to likers. I’m talking a personal bundle and message to every single liker.

I know, I know. It seems like a lot. But in all actuality, it really didn’t take that much more effort on my part. Once I had a system in place it was super easy. The majority of my sales come from personal messages to likers. It’s th one tactic that I will never stop using.

4. Setting Up Phone Shortcuts

Any way that you can save time in your Poshmark business is worth it. Trust me. This year I set up shortcuts in my phone so that I could more easily send messages to likers. This saved me SO much time and took about five minutes to set up. I have a message set up to send to likers and a message set for when I have a sale. It makes my life so much easier and makes sure that everyone is getting a well-thoughtout message each time.

5. Staying Organized with Spreadsheets

While all of the other strategies on this list made for better sales, I wouldn’t have any idea if they were working if I wasn’t organized. Keeping stats in my business is the single most important thing that I do. It shows me what’s working, what’s not and allows me to reflect each week, month and year. If you not doing this year, I highly suggest making yourself a Google Doc.

It was a hell of a year, as my Poshmark sales reflection shows. There were ups and there were downs, but being able to look back at them both and grow is what makes a successful seller. I can’t wait to see how my business grows in 2021, and I’m just as excited to see yours grow too!

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