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The #1 Thing To Remember When Poshmark Sourcing

There are ups and downs in every business — including Poshmark. There are days when sellers are obsessed with what they’re selling and seem to score all the incredible finds when sourcing. Then there are days when it’s almost painful to walk through the thrift shop. While ups and downs are normal, there is a way to make selling and sourcing more enjoyable — sell what you love. That simple tip will transform your business and make the hours that you spend working on your business a lot more rewarding.

I know that hearing that seems totally useless but stick with me for a second. Selling on Poshmark is freeing, but only if you allow it to be. It is so easy to get caught up in what other people are selling or the brands that are selling well for someone else. That can make you feel like your trapped into selling certain things, but really you have the power. Don’t ever forget that.

Poshmark sourcing can be extremely stressful if you let it. One scroll through Instagram and you’ll feel the pressure to find the right items and high-end brands. But instead of looking at all those cart hauls with envy, envision what you would love to fill up your cart with. When you walk through the aisles of the thrift shop, don’t think about what someone else had in theirs the other day. Instead, fill yours to the brim with items that truly light you up.

Selling items that you love makes you excited. You’re proud of what you sell and want to share and talk about your business.

This is true even in my own business. There was a time in my selling where I was constantly looking up brands and comps. Instead of looking through the aisle at the clothing, I was just looking a the tags. I wanted to make money on my items, and I thought that was the way to do it. That month I sold my lowest number of sales ever. Even though I had all the right brands and styles in my closet, I didn’t have a connection to what I was selling. Not only did I sell less, but I also didn’t want to cross-list or share the items on my Instagram stories. It was almost like I was ashamed of them because they weren’t truly me or my aesthetic.

When I switched up my sourcing strategy and bought what brought me joy, my sales skyrocketed. Seriously, items were flying off of my page the same day that they were listed. Why? Because I was proud of what I was selling and people could tell. Your buyers come to your Poshmark page for you, not just your items. When you put yourself into what you’re selling, there’s more of a connection and people can feel that.

If you’re spending hours on your Poshmark business every week, it only makes sense to love what you do. So the next time that you’re out Poshmark sourcing, don’t feel pressure to find any particular brands. Just walk through the aisles and go towards what naturally speaks to you. After all, there’s only one you selling on Poshmark, so you might as well stay true to her.

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