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Why Goal Setting Is Important In Poshmark & A Freebie To Help

By now you probably know how important it is to stay organized and schedule time for your Poshmark business. There’s one more important part of running a successful Poshmark business to think about — goal setting. If you’re not keeping track of your numbers and pushing yourself to do better each week, then you’re still just a hobby seller. You need to start making goals if you want to see real revenue from the app. It’s all about holding yourself accountable and putting in the work, my friend. Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

In order to get anywhere that you want to in life, you need a goal and a plan. The same goes for your Poshmark business. The key is to actively write down these goals and strategies. Yes, like with a real pen and paper. Studies actually show that you’re 42% more likely to complete your goal if you write it down. If that doesn’t make you want to write down your goal each week, then I don’t know what will.

You need to get that goal on a piece of paper, sticky note, or a planner. Set it free into the universe and make it a real, tangible thing. If you keep a goal to yourself, it almost doesn’t seem real. But if you can see it somewhere and remind yourself of it daily, it’s then a real, tangible thing to strive for. It’s not all just about writing the goal down though. What most people don’t focus on is making that goal come to life. It’s not enough to just write it down and hope that it comes true. It’s all about the follow through.

The anatomy of great Poshmark goal is three-fold — having a goal, deligating, and tracking.

It’s about deciding what you’re working towards, how you’ll do it, and reflecting a the end of the week. You might not hit your goal every week, and that’s okay! The important thing is to know where you’re truly at and how you can get better from one week to the next.

Not sure how to start? You’re in luck. I’m giving you the exact sheet that I use to track my goals, productivity, and sales. I created this early in my Poshmark business to help me get on the right track throughout the week. It gives you a space to write down your monetary goal, to-do list, strategy, weekly planner, and tracking your sales. Basically, when I couldn’t find a Poshmark planner that worked for me, I made my own. Now I’m sharing it with you!

You can download the free goal setting planner here.

Anyone can set a goal, but not just anyone can pair it with strategy and make it come to fruition. This goal planner isn’t just about seeing a number amount and manifesting it into reality. It’s about putting in the work to make that goal come to life. Whether you’re just starting to take control of your goals or you’re just looking to stay more accountable, this planner will help you out.

The problem that I’ve found with other Poshmark goal trackers is that they don’t give you a space to actively see what’s working each week and what’s not. With my planner, you’ll get space to strategize and see how those actual, tangible steps turned into profit for you. I’m passionate about this because it’s what help me double my sales every month. Goals are great, but only if you’re willing to work for them.

Please, let me know what you think about this planner! I’d love to see it help your business like it’s helped mine.

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