have an open heart when selling on poshmark

Why You Should Have An Open Heart When It Comes To Selling

Seasoned Poshmark sellers know that having a business is all about the highs and the lows. Whether it’s getting a low-ball offer or having a slow sales week, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. An easy way to get through all the seasons of your reselling journey is to sell with an open heart. That means not just focussing on what and how much you sell but who you’re selling to as well. Selling not just about money, it’s about connection. Once you figure that out, selling will become a whole lot easier.

When’s the last time that you put yourself in your buyer’s shoes? Really, think about it. Do you think about what they’re willing to pay? Or how your photos look to them? Or what they’ll be thinking when they open your package? All of those little details really aren’t so little. They can make or break a sale for you. All people want to be seen and understood. That includes the people shopping your Poshmark page. Selling with an open heart means thinking about them more than just what’s easiest for you or makes you the most money.

Us Poshmark sellers are constantly thinking about how to make our pages better. It’s easy to get caught up in the photos and packaging and items we sell. Instead, think about the buyer’s experience. Be friendly to them when they like a post or send a thank you note when they receive their package. Both of those things require opening your heart to as a seller.

What if you opened your heart when it came to offers? Instead of haggling over a few dollars, you could make a buyer’s day by accepting their offer. Now, I’m not saying that you should accept low-ball offers. I”m saying to open your heart by factoring in the shipping that they’re also paying for and the condition of your secondhand item.

Selling with an open heart isn’t about being a pushover and it’s definitely not about ignoring profit. All it means is that you’re thinking about the person on the other end of the app. That’s what will take you from good to great seller and make people want to come back time and time again.

Want to do the work to open your heart as a seller? I put together three journal prompts to get you started. Put a pen to paper and reflect on yourself as a seller. I promise you, it will pay off.

1. Imagine that you’re the person shopping from your page. What would you think of the pricing? What about the photos and listings?

Jump into the user experience and see where you can make it better for them. This will make you a great seller.

2. List three ways that you could make your buyer feel special, from shopping your page all the way tor receiving the package.

Now implement them into your selling strategy.

What’s the first thing you think when you get an offer notification? Now put yourself in the shoes of the person offering. What might they be thinking?

See the sale from both perspectives, instead of just thinking that someone is trying to low-ball you.

Really put a pen to paper and try these prompts out. It’s great to not just look at what we’ve made on a sale, but how we’re connecting and honoring other people as well. This is your platform and you control it. Why not do it with an open heart?

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