what to do when poshmark sales are slow

What To Do When Your Poshmark Sales Are Slow

No matter how many stack photos you seeing on Instagram, we all have slow sales days and weeks. It’s a part of the business. While you can’t force people to shop, there are strategies to increase your odds of getting a sale. Because when Poshmark sales are slow, it’s worth doing a little extra work. Add these strategies to your already working Poshmark strategy, and you’ll have even more eyes on your page. More eye = more sales, my friend.

I know that you’re here to get the strategies for increasing your Poshmark sales, but there’s one thing that you should do before that ā€” reflect. It’s important to first notice why your Poshmark sales are slow. From personal experience, there are a few different reasons why you could be naturally having a slow sales week; 1) you’re slacking on your selling strategy or 2) people just aren’t buying right now.

How do you figure out which one it is? Well, you need to be honest with yourself. Maybe you haven’t been sharing as much because you’ve been busy. Or maybe you took a few days off to relax. Both of those things will naturally make your sales a little bit slower.

If it’s not that, then it might just be that people aren’t buying right now. Every single business has those times of the year where sales are just plain slow. It’s typically around February and late June to early July. If you think this might be the case, check-in with your Instagram community to see if they’re having slow sales too. It might just be that everyone’s Poshmark sales are slow. If they are, then you might want to try adding these new tactics into your selling strategy.

1. Give your listings an upgrade.

Relisting your items is a great way to give a refresh to your page and start getting more eyes to your items. If you haven’t already heard, there was a Poshmark update to make it easier than every to relist your items. (You can read all about that here.) But it’s not enough to just hit “relist” and call it a day. There’s a reason that those listings weren’t getting any likes. Try tweaking the title to be more descriptive or take or rearranging photos to make the images new. You won’t regret doing the extra work when you make a quicker sale.

2. Start target following.

Target following is a strategic way to add people that sell or like similar items to your circle. This brings people to your page who already like the items that you’re selling. Think of it as an open invitation to your party. Will everyone come? No. But you don’t need everyone. You just need enough of your people to land on your page, like what they see, and start shopping.

Here’s a step-by-step so you can get started. First, open Poshmark and go to the feed tab. Then click the person with the plus sign next to the search bar. Click “my brands” and search a brand that you sell or like. Change your filter to “active sellers” and go follow as many people off the list as you’d like. You’ll almost instantly see more shares and likes, which will lead to more sales.

3. Market on social media platforms.

If you’re already sharing at least three times a day and your Poshmark sales are slow still, try sharing to different social media platforms. One of my favorite ways to do that is through Instagram stories. There’s not a ton of pressure there, as the posts go away in 24 hours. You can share your closet name, show people what has been recently listed, and build communication with a new audience. You might not see instant sales from this tactic, but it’s great for building your know, like, and trust factor for sales in the future.

You can’t just wait for people to find your items. If you’re not willing to switch up your strategy and put in some extra work, you’re not going to make sales. Remember, everyone has slow sales weeks. I know that it can be discouraging, but try readjusting your focus on these three strategies and get back to work. You got this!

  1. Tammy Rolson says:

    Target following is such a great tip I’m implementing it immediately! Thanks! šŸ˜Š

  2. Meagan says:

    I love Tip #2- I was following some people under Brands that I sell, but was following “Trending” vs. Active Sellers. Excited to see if this switch up has an impact on my sales.

    • Kali Borovic says:

      Definitely let me know! I know that I’ve seen a better following/buy rate from “active sellers” but I’d love to know what you think!

  3. Jackie says:

    Thank you for all your tips. Iā€™m new at this so any sales is always a good day for me.

    • Kali Borovic says:

      You are SO welcome! I’m glad that I could help. Once you start to make more regular sales, you’ll see them start to ebb and flow. That’s when these tips really come in handy!

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