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What Is A Part-Time Posher? It’s About Mindset & Strategy

Out of all the reasons that I love Poshmark, there are two really big ones that come to mind. The first is that I’m in control of it, and the second is that I am my own boss. Both of those things are a blessing and a curse when it comes to working the app part-time. What does being a part-time Posher mean? It’s using Poshmark with strategy and changing your mindset to meet some major goals.

So you’ve dabbled around with the app, listed a few things, and want to start earning some major money on Poshmark. You, my friend, are ready to become a part-time Posher. You don’t need years of experience or fancy photo equipment and mailers to go full time. All you need are two things — a mindset shift and strategy.

Anyone can become a part-time Posher. It’s a free app, which means there’s a low barrier to entry. But it will cost you time and dedication, which are two things that you’re completely in control of. Whether you’re working full-time and looking for a side-hustle or are in-between jobs and need to cover everyday costs, part-time Poshing is for you.

Once you decide that you want to become a part-time Posher, you’ll only need two things — a mindset shift and a strategy.

What do I mean by a mindset shift? It’s about getting serious on your goals and dedicating the time that you can to your business. It’s not about working when you feel like it. Instead, you need to set a “work” schedule and stick to it. Whether you feel like it or not, you need to dedicate time to your business. Just like anything else, running a business is a muscle that you’ll need to practice. but once you do, you’ll be a pro.

What really helped me do this was my Google Calendar app. Whenever I have something to do with someone or a birthday, I use my calendar. So I decided to make my time with myself mean just as much. I scheduled a time in my calendar to work on my Poshmark business. Once it’s in my calendar, it’s a date and I stick to it. You wouldn’t bail on plans with your friends for no reason, right? Then stop doing it to yourself.

The second thing you need to become a part-time Posher is a strategy. It goes hand-in-hand with a mindset shift. What goals do you want to reach? Why do you want to reach them? What will you sell? No good team wins a game by just winging it. Get a plan going for what you need to succeed.

There are about a million different ways to do this. You can keep a Poshmark journal where your goals are or leave Post-It Notes around the house with your “why” on it. Whatever you do — write it down! Speak it to the universe and get it out there. Remind yourself early and often why you’re becoming a part-time Posher and what your goals are. If they’re not in place, you won’t get to where you want to be.

If you have a camera phone, you can run a Poshmark business. It’s that simple, but not everyone has the mindset and strategy to succeed. Once you get those two things in check, you’ll be on your way to part-time Posher success.

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