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5 Ways To Batch Work In Your Poshmark Business

Everyone runs their Poshmark business differently. Some people want label printers or ring lights or fancy photo setups. I prefer to work simpler and more efficiently, and batch work is the secret weapon of my Poshmark business. Batch work means splitting your time up to work on specific tasks for a specific time. You know, doing them in a batch. It allows you to focus on one thing for a certain amount of time. Using batch work in your Poshmark business will save you hours per week and make you feel more on top of your game than ever.

If you can’t already tell, I’m a pretty big fan of using batch work in your Poshmark business. It all started after I read the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown. To put it simply, it’s about focussing on only the things that matter in your life and your business. I started experimenting with the things I did each day and when. In comes batch work. I started batching tasks for the week into one chunk of time. For example, writing a week or two worth of blog posts at the same time. I took the idea and made it work in my Poshmark business, and I can’t imagine doing it any other way.

Batch work allows you to get into a flow and not have to bounce back and forth to different tasks.

Poshmark can be complicated. I’ll be the first one to admit how overwhelming it can seem, especially when you first start out. That’s why I’m all about simplifying it. Using batch work in your Poshmark business does just that. It gives you a specific time to think about a Poshmark task and then forget about it for the rest of the week.

For example, I don’t love taking Poshmark photos. The setting up, the measuring, the editing — it’s a lot. But when I batch the work, I only have to do it once a week. That gives me more time to do the work that I love in my Poshmark business, like sharing and communicating with buyers.

There’s a way to batch work every single part of your Poshmark business, too. It will make your life easier and your brain way more focused. The best part is that you can tailor it directly to your life. Do you feel your most productive on Monday morning? Schedule a certain task then. Do you feel your most creative at night? Plan for a task at that time. You can personalize it any way you’d like. Here’s are ways to start using batch work in your Poshmark business, so you can feel organized and do more with your time.

1. Take Poshmark photos at the same time every week.

Like I said before, Poshmark photos aren’t my favorite thing to do. It’s a task that needs a lot of focus and time, so I spend my Saturday morning devoted to doing it. It’s the day of the week that I have time to giving the task the attention it needs. I do it once and get it over with. Then I don’t have to think about it for the rest of the week.

Want to start batching your Poshmark photos? Think about a day that you have the most time. If you work from natural light, think about the time of the day that’s best or what area of the house is available to you. Tailor your situation to your week.

2. Inventory your items for the week at the same time.

When I’m done taking photos, all my clothes are in a pile on the ground. I’m in a flow when taking photos, so I just shoot, put the item to the side, and move on. Then I move onto my next task — inventory. My brain is able to move from one task to the next without having to keep bouncing back and forth.

Maybe you want to do your inventory right after photos, like me. Or maybe you need a little break after you’ve used all your energy to photograph. The key isn’t to do it in a specific order, but to do it all at the same time. You’ll make fewer mistakes because your brain is focused on one specific task.

3. Edit your photos all at once.

You’re probably catching on to the idea here, but keep the trend going when it comes to your photos. Dump all of them into your favorite editing app and get to editing all at once. Some apps even allow you to batch edit a group of photos all at once. One of my fellow resellers, Reclothcollection on Instagram, found a super awesome hack for batch editing. She found that, if you have the paid version of the LightRoom app, you can click all the photos you want and edit them all at once. Talk about the ultimate batch work!

4. Write your listings ahead of time.

Writing listings is another one of those pain-in-the-butt tasks involved in Poshmark. It takes time and energy, which means it’s done better in a batch. Did you know that you can save drafts in Poshmark? You can write out 15 full Poshmark listings and have them ready to go for any day or days of the week you’d like. Yes, really!

I like to sit down on Monday mornings and prep my listings for the week. I list four items per day, so 20 per week. Four of them get listed on Monday and 15 are ready to go for the rest of the week. That just leaves one to do on Friday, when I have more time. Petition for Poshmark to let us have more drafts, anyone?

5. Package and ship your items once or twice a week.

When I first started Poshmark, I used to get SO excited by sales. I would package the item and run it to the post office as soon as someone ordered. But once you start getting more sales, it makes sense to batch your time. You’ll be more focused and make fewer mistakes when you’re not just packing them at random times of the day, or, worse, last minute because you forgot.

You can do this any way that fits your schedule best. Maybe it’s picking one or two days a week to run to the post office. Or a certain time at night to pack up your items form the day and set them next to the door, all in one place. You can tailor it to your life and your schedule. Either way, you’ll save major time and create a system that works.

Bonus: Plan your time to share.

More self-shares = more sales. I personally like to batch share my entire closet all at once. When I’m at work, I do it first things in the morning, at lunch, and again before bed. Until I got in the swing of things, I would set an alarm in my phone to remind myself to share. Of course, you could tailor those alarms to any time of the day you’d like.

The main goal here is to create your own system — one that works for you and your business. No one’s systems looks the same. We’re all good at different things. You might love taking photos, while that’s one of my pain points. It wouldn’t make sense for me to adopt your system or you mine. Once you create your own system, you’ll save major time and be more efficient than ever. Work smarter, not harder, my friend.

Have your batch work in your Poshmark business? Drop a comment below, and tell me how you do it.

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