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How To Use Connection To Boost Your Poshmark Sales

When people think about Poshmark, they think about making money. It’s pretty obvious that it’s a sales app just from looking at it. But first and foremost, Poshmark is a social media app. That means that it’s set up to reward connection. Once you know that, it should be no surprise that connection is the way to instantly boost your Poshmark sales. Here’s how to bring more connection into your Poshmark business — no shares necessary.

We’ve all heard it before; like, share, repeat. But doing that won’t instantly boost your Poshmark sales. If you really want to amp it up, you need to really connect to the people that you’re trying to sell to. The good news? There are about as many different ways to do this as there are Poshers out there. The bad news? Until you find a way that works for you, your sales will likely suffer.

Now, I’m not saying that having great items, photos, and listings aren’t important. It’s possible that just doing those three things will convert to sales. But I’m talking about drastically increasing the amount of income every week through connection. Like, having sales every single day and making a profit goal each week or month. Connection will do that for you. So many people get frustrated with Poshmark because they think that it’s out of their control. You truly have a majority of the control over your Poshmark business. If you put in the work, make connections, and be consistent, you’ll see sales.

Connection is the single most important thing to boost your Poshmark sales.

Like I said, there are about as many ways to connect to people on Poshmark as there are people selling. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to making a connection. Some people might be comfortable with messaging a seller, while others want to stick to the comment section. One is not better than the other. There’s really no wrong way to communicate with sellers, unless you’re being rude or not doing it at all. This is probably the most important Poshmark strategy, because it’s the one that makes you stand out from other buyers.

Here are some of my favorite ways to build connection through Poshmark. Doing these things consistently have helped me to boost Poshmark sales and create return buyers. But remember, you need to be genuine. Just because I’m telling you how I connect with people on Poshmark doesn’t mean that it’s the right way for you. Test some of my ways out, build on them, and tweak your own personal connection to fit your time and personality.

Message Your Buyer

I know, I know. It’s awkward, right? Well get past the awkwardness, because this is the number one thing that I did to increase my Poshmark sales. Seriously. It’s hands-down the best, most profitable part of my Poshmark strategy. At first I was nervous to message people. I didn’t want to annoy them or feel like I was pushing them into a sale. But once I started doing it and created my own, genuine message style, it quickly became my favorite way to connect with a buyer.

You can do this by going to a person’s Poshmark page, clicking the button that looks like their icon with a bag in front of it, hitting the three little dots into the corner, and tapping “switch to sell view.” After that, it’s like your own little hangout spot for you to message the buyer. There is a limit number of messages that you can send without them commenting back. It’s also worth noting that every single message you send is public, so you and the buyer are protected the entire way.

How can you use this spot? Message the person and tell them that they have great taste or offer them a deal.

Use A Buyer’s Name

Is there anything better than someone using your name? Because I don’t think there is. Whether you send it in a message or on a personal note after someone has bought an item, usign a buyer’s name is a great way to show someone that you took the time on them.

Think about it: would you rather buy from an Instagram post talking to everyone on the brand’s feed or through an email with your name at the top? It just feels special to see your name. The more special a buyer feels, the more comfortable they feel buying from you — and coming back for more.

If you want more examples of how to use a buyer’s name on Poshmark, check out this Instagram post. I spell out all the ways to do it!

Drop a comment under an item

If messaging is a little too personal for you, try the comment section instead. This is a great way to communicate with buyers and give them even more information about the item. Everything is public and there for everyone to see, so it doesn’t seem too personal.

Of course, if a potential buyer comments first, you should definitely comment back. That’s just a given. But you don’t have to wait for the person to comment first. You can always tag people who have liked the listing and let them know that they have great taste. Or maybe you know of a certain buyer who typically liked that style of item. You could tag them in the comments below and let them know that you thought of them. Just remember to be genuine and not spammy.

Connection is key to boosting Poshmark profits. It’s just that simple. Just like there are people at in-person stores greeting you at the door, you can do that online as well. The biggest way to build connection is to be yourself and make a Poshmark srategy that feels right for you.

Do you have a certain way that you love to connect on Poshmark? Comment it below!

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