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3 FREE Ways To Market Your Poshmark Page

If you want to take your Poshmark page from hobby to part-time business, you need to start thinking like a businesswoman. It’s fun to list and share and make sales, but it’s a business when you start implementing a strategy. That’s where marketing comes in. Thankfully there are tons of free ways to market your Poshmark page. All it takes is a little dedication and hard work and you’ll be on your way to making even more sales.

What is marketing? Well, according to Seth Godin it’s “the story you tell, who you’re telling it to, why people are going to buy” what you’re selling. Basically, it’s your strategy for what you make or, in our case, sell and how you get it in front of the right people to buy.

Let’s get real about Poshmark for a second. It’s fun to sell, right? But if you want to make serious money, you’re not just putting items online and hoping that they do well. If you do, that’s a hobby. If you’re running a part-time Poshmark business, your closet is tailored to a certain style. Not everyone on the app wants that style. That, my friend, is the beginning of marketing.

Now, I’m not saying that you should start out by buying ads online. In fact, there are tons of free ways to market your Poshmark page and yourself. Yes, you are the seller, so you should be marketing yourself as well. Start out slow and see what works for you. You don’t have to do every single thing on this list starting out or ever for that matter. When it comes to marketing, it’s your own personal strategy. Here are some of my favorite ways to market my page and myself, so you can see what I mean.

Use Your Instagram

Notice how I didn’t sit here and get too specific right away. I’m not telling you to make a separate Instagram account or use Instagram stories or post regularly about your inventory. All of those ides are absolutely great! But they don’t all work for every single person.

For example, I talk about my Poshmark page on my personal account. That means I also share the books I’m reading, thrifting tips, and my outfits. This strategy is what works best for me. Other people have a completely separate Instagram account for the Poshmark closet. They post items that they’ve listed, sales, selling tips or all of the above. It’s a great strategy for them. It’s up to you what you how you want to utilize the free app and there is no wrong way.

But whatever strategy you use, I will tell you one thing — use Instagram stories. It’s a great way to keep your content fresh and get people’s eyes on your page.

Send Your Closet Name With Posh Packages

I don’t care whether it’s a pretty little business card, a stamp on the outside of the box, or a handwritten note on a piece of paper — do it. If you want repeat customers, you need to remind them where they shopped from. It’s like those little doctor’s office reminder cards. You aren’t constantly thinking about them, but it’s right there when you need it. In this case, it’s when the person is ready to buy again.

I send out a business card with all of my orders. Why? Because it was free for me to make. I used a free website called Canva, printed them at my work, and cut them out myself. Each one has my closet name, Instagram handle, and website. People know where to find my closet and my tips. Those are both important to me and they also increase my chance of repeat sales.

But your business card doesn’t have to even have that much. I actually like to refer to them as a “closet card” instead. Maybe your closet card just has your closet name and “thank you” on it. Or maybe it’s a logo you’ve created. There is no wrong way to do it, besides not sending anything at all.

Talk About Your Poshmark Page With Friends

Don’t be afraid to be your own hype girl every once and a while! I’m not saying that you have to be the annoying friend that talks about your Poshmark page every chance you get. But if your friends genuinely care about you, they’ll want to hear about what you’re doing with your time. Bring it up over lunch or a glass of wine and see what they say. That friend will likely tell another friend and the chain will keep going. You never know which one of those people will end up as your next customer.

Will all of these tactics be the ones for you? Maybe and maybe not. Don’t be afraid to try new strategies. Not everything will work all of the time. Heck, not even the greatest strategies will work forever. It’s all about making a plan, seeing if it works, and changing it up. After all, building a Poshmark business takes work, but it will be worth it.

Do you have a marketing strategy that works for your Poshmark business? Drop it below!

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