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3 Tips For Buying A Reseller Box & Where To Find Them

Times are a-changin’, my friend. Thanks to COVID-19 all the thrift stores are closed. Heck, most of the stores in general are closed. I’ve had to get creative with my sourcing, so I did something that I don’t normally do — source on Poshmark. I bought my first reseller box on Poshmark and put a whole lot of thought and research into it. If you’re thinking about buying a reseller box off of Poshmark, there are three tips to keep in mind. It’s all about knowing the price, style, and seller.

What is a reseller box? Well, it’s basically a bulk buy of clothing to list on your Poshmark page. Other names for “reseller box” is a “not-so-mystery box”, which s the exact opposite of a mystery box. If you’re looking to take your Poshmark hobby to a part-time business, I highly suggest staying away form anything marked “mystery”, as you don’t know that what’s inside can pay off.

I typically source every single item in my Poshmark closet from the thrift shop, but buying a reseller box is always something that I’ve been interested in. First of all, I love the idea of supporting fellow sellers. I don’t buy off of Poshmark for myself, so this is a great way to do it. It’s also a really great way to get quality items to resell if you do it right.

When it comes to sourcing my closet, I always put a lot of thought into what I’m selling. It was no different when it came to buying my first reseller box. I want to always offer people items that truly feel like me and are worth their money. All of that research paid off because my first reseller box was a success. I feel confident in what I bought and who I bought it from. Let’s just say that I’ll be buying a reseller box again very soon.

Not all reseller boxes are created equal, and it will take some time to find your perfect one. There are great boxes out there, but if you’re buying a reseller box to stock your Poshmark business not all of them are for you. You need to take the price, style, and seller into consideration before you buy. Here’s what I mean by that.

Know the price of your reseller box.

This sounds simple, but I’m not just talking about the price that you see on the listing. You also need to take into consideration the shipping and time it will take for you to list and market your items.

Most of the time, you will not find a reseller box that also has discounted shipping. The seller is already likely giving you a great deal on the items in the box. Factor in that $7.11 shipping price when you buy a reseller box. Add the price and the shipping them divide it by the number of items in the box. Ask yourself if you can get at least that much per item. Of course, you’re going to want to make more, if you’re looking to have a thriving business.

Know the style that you’re going for.

Don’t just buy a reseller box to buy one. Don’t just buy it because it’s a good deal. And, please please please, don’t just buy one because you want an item that’s in it for yourself. If you’re trying to turn your Poshmark into a business, you need to match the style of the reseller box to your closet.

Trust me, I know how tempting it can be to gain inventory when you’re running low. But it will not pay off to just buy anything. No matter how badly you need to source items, don’t just buy any box off of Poshmark. Look around for different sellers by typing in “reseller box” and “not-so-mystery box” into the search bar on Poshmark. Find one that looks like you would already own it and opt for brands that you’ve already sold. Again, try to stay away from anything marked “mystery box”.

Know your Poshmark seller.

Do your research before you buy. I repeat, DO. YOUR. RESEARCH. Look at the love notes that the seller has. Look at the seller’s ship time and at how many boxes the seller has put together. Don’t feel bad about doing your research. The plus side of Poshmark is that anyone can sell on the platform, but it’s also sometimes a downfall. You want to make sure that you’re buying from a reputable seller, and that goes for anytime you buy on the app.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. That’s literally why there’s a comment section on Poshmark. While the reseller might not tell you everything about the items, you can ask about shipping time and condition. You’ll get a good sense of the seller by seeing how they respond to your questions too.

Like I said, at the end of all of this you need to feel comfortable with what you’re buying. My experience buying a reseller box was great because of the research that I did. If you put some time into the one that you’re buying, yours will be too.

Have a question about reseller boxes? Drop it below, and let’s talk!

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