Schedule a USPS Pick-Up for Poshmark Selling

How To Schedule A USPS Pick-Up So You Can Ship Without Leaving The House

One of the best things about Poshmark is being able to work from home. Besides sourcing, which you could totally do from your house if you really needed to, everything else can easily be done at home — including shipping. On busy days, it’s nice to not have to worry about running to the post office after work. (Or, you know, if you’re in the middle of a pandemic.) Here’s how to schedule a USPS pick-up for your Poshmark packages, so you can keep your business going without having to leave the house.

Poshmark and USPS are seriously a match made in heaven. The two companies make it SO easy for you to run your Poshmark business. I try to increase my profits in every possible way with my Poshmark business. I use free USPS shipping supplies to save on materials and schedule free USPS pick-up to save on gas. Every little bit counts when you’re starting up your own business. It also helps that scheduling a package pick-up so easy. Seriously, all you need to do is press a few buttons and your package will be picked up right from your front porch.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you schedule your USPS pick-up:

  1. Not everywhere accepts USPS pick-up yet. You should go to this website to see if your town does it.
  2. There is a real person picking up your packages, so don’t pile them up too high. Try to space out your pick-ups so they don’t have to carry a ton of packages at once.
  3. Same day pick-ups are not a thing. You can only schedule a package pick-up for the next day. Oh, and you have until 2 am to cancel.
  4. Thank your mailperson for doing the work for you. Seriously, just do it.

You can schedule the pick-up online and you don’t even have to talk to anyone. Just fill out the form online and you’re good to go. Here’s a breakdown of the steps you’ll need to take. Honestly, it’s way less than five steps, but I wanted to be throughout with what to expect.

Steps To Schedule a USPS Pick-Up

Step one: Go to this website, fill out your address, and click “check availability.” If pick-up is available in your area, you’ll be taken to a new screen.

Step two: Answer whether or not you have a dog at your home. This won’t affect your shipping, but it’s good for your mail person to know before they get out of the car.

Step three: Pick the location that your package will be from the drop-down menu, and choose which pick-up method that you want. There’s a free pick up when the mailperson comes to deliver your mail or a $24 pick up for them to come at a specific time. Guys, pick the free one.

Step four: Pick a day for them to pick-up and fill in how many packages there will be. For Poshmark, there should only be “Priority Mail.”

Step five: Put the estimated weight of the packages and click that you understand the terms and conditions. Remember, you can’t ship a Poshmark package that’s more than 5lbs and USPS won’t pick up boxes that equal 70lbs or more.

It’s that easy! After that, you’ll get an email confirmation. Make sure you save it because you’ll want to change the number of packages if you get more sales throughout the day. All you’ll have to do is make sure that the packages are outside your door in time for mail delivery and you’re good to go.

Have any questions about scheduling a USPS pick-up? Drop them below and I’ll answer them for you!

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