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Hi, I'm kali
writer, thrifter & educator

my free guide will give you instant, implementable tips to taking better poshmark photos today — no fancy gear required.

Here's 3 Tips To Taking Better Poshmark Photos

Want to create a more successful listing?

Trust me, you are not alone. I've figured out the way to do that, and I want to teach you how to do the same.

Want to run a success poshmark business that helps you earn a side income every month?

My journey with Poshmark started with downloading the app. I had no idea how to navigate it, what to post, or how to get sales. But I did know that it could bring in some much needed side income. Slowly, I began to learn the app and pay my student loans with my profits each month. Now I spend 10 hours per week on my Poshmark Business and make an extra $400 per month. I'm in control on my income and have never felt more free. I want to help you feel the same.

HI, I'm Kali Borovic — writer, thrifter, and educator. I took my poshmark page from a weekend hobby to a business and I have the tools to help you do the same. My Poshmark tips have been featured on Business insider and bustle.

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Kali’s Poshmark tips have been so helpful as I have started my own Poshmark business. Without her guidance, I wouldn’t have had the courage to begin selling on Poshmark. Since I began a few months ago, I have followed her tips and tricks and have become a great Posh seller. I can’t thank Kali enough for how awesome her tips and ideas are.

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