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Clothing has always been a passion of mine. Whether I'm finding them at the thrift stop, a sustainable store, or in a grocery store bag of hand-me-downs, I'm a firm believer in wearing items that you love and will last. After taking my own closet from a hodge podge of fast-fashion finds and ever-changing items to a sustainable collection that I'm proud of, I've curated collection of natural fabrics and staple pieces that you'll love forever. I built my own sustainable wardrobe that I'm proud of. Now, I want to help you do the same. 

HI, I'm Kali — thrifter, style educator, and curator of westward collection co. I'm here to help you have a better relationship with your wardrobe and build the closet of your dreams.

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kali borovic

Building a sustainable wardrobe is bigger than just looking great. It means becoming conscious of the world around you. The deeper you dive into sustainable fashion, the deeper your love for the planet and other people on it grows. On top of that, you also start to learn who you truly are. There is no better feeling than knowing you make a difference through what you wear.

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